Do you know the feeling? You and your colleagues are invited to a workshop, during which you will think collectively about a new communication approach for your organization. Driven by your enthusiasm, you are 15 minutes early, ready to fully throw yourself into the battle. You can’t hide your disappointment when you and your colleagues are only sitting at the table for the next few hours. Your enthusiasm drops to a low level. This really is a missed opportunity…



Sigmund tackles workshops in a slightly different way. Your opinion is the centre of our workshop, that’s why we fully involve you and your colleagues during the session. We don’t only ask the right questions, but we also work together intensely. We do this in different ways: a well-prepared role play game, a fun team activity, using augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), interactive brainstorm sessions, or even a session of improvisational theatre. That’s how we put a fun aspect in the workshops and that’s how we keep your head clear to get to the intended collective result. 

Did we get you all warmed up for these activities? Than we’re heading in the right direction. In the end, it is called a “workshop”, right?


Workshops, training and coaching

How do you lift your communication skills to a higher level? With our specific training- and coaching sessions, we work on better communication skills. We do this on a personal scale and on a collective scale. With our workshops, we draw up a new strategy in cooperation with your most important stakeholders.