Who are we?

Nothing a company has is more important than people, both internally and on the customer side. The interest of your products or services resides above all in what they mean for the people your company depends on. The thought that business communication starts with your own people inspires everything that Sigmund does and distinguishes us from most of our competitors/colleagues. We also built up our own organization, Sigmund, based on the question: what do we want to signify for our people and for our clients? In short: what´s our story


Full service

In addition to our own activities, we can always count on our network of partners. This network creates the possibility to go one step further every time: a total package for your company.


Limère & Partner

Luc Limère guides people and organizations to safely reach their destination. His partners each have their own expertise, making sure you can count on tailor-made solutions.


Erwin Knuyt

For our workshops about leadership and culture, we can always count on Erwin Knuyt (Knuyt, Heyninck & Partners). His analytical skills and result-driven approach always ensure a good result during our workshops.

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