What do we do?

Not just an agency

Sigmund isn’t just a communications agency: we put you and your people at the centre of everything we do. To put your organization in motion, we go back to the basics of people and communication: to look each other in the eye and listen. Whenever you come to us with a specific communication need, we will always start by listening. That’s how we go to the core of your story together.

Sigmund's methods

Classic communication often starts from a product or a service. That’s weird, because these products and services are made by and for people. We should no longer think in systems but put people at the centre of everything we do. Luckily, we see this line of thought in our society more and more often. At Sigmund, we translate this philosophy as follows: involve, communicate, connect.

We guide people towards a common goal. That goal can be a way to promote innovation, facilitate change or solve a conflict within your organization. We bring people together and that’s how they create the story of their organization. That’s how your strategy gets translated into a widely supported vision. We do this through consultancy, coaching and workshops. And we do it for everyone: SMEs, multinationals and governments, and both for individuals and groups.

That’s what Sigmund does: involve, communicate, connect. By putting people first in your story, you create a broad support for your product or service. That’s the power of people first. Then, you can put your product or service into the market.

Involve people


Communicate with people


Connect people 


Connecting people

A good chef always knows how to bind his sauces. In organizations like start-ups, sme’s, federations and multinationals, this is important too. At Sigmund, we love linking and connecting people, because that’s what we do best. We connect people with clear and structured communication. We always do this in cooperation with you and your people. 

All people are unique, that’s what makes your organization unique too. That’s why we deliver a tailored solution for your organization with our workshops. The fact that your strategy is based on the unique composition of your team, makes it difficult for others to copy your organizational strategy. It’s also a good way to make sure your employees support your corporate strategy. 

You´re the chef. You have the ingredients and the recipes. Those are your strengths. The only thing you need to do, is to get the potential out of your recipe. Together we will look at how we can create a delicious experience for your own people and for your customers. We do this by optimising the communication on all fronts - without beating around the bush. That´s what Sigmund excels at.