Our story began with Guy Ooms, the founder of Sigmund, who earlier did a lot of work for advertising agencies. However, Guy found that communication companies focus too much on products and services and too little on employees, shareholders, customers and all the other people companies have an impact on, and by whom in turn companies are defined. Sigmund wants to give its clients an answer to the question: how do we communicate in such a way that everybody who deals with us understands that what we have to offer will make them better?



Guy searched for and found kindred spirits in Katleen Pauwels, Matthias Geysen and Joren Reynders. In addition, we team up with a select club of partner companies and freelancers who are on the same wavelength. That's how we provide an overall solution, without you needing to contact all kinds of different companies. We take care of all communication aspects for you. 

We take a peek under the lids and stir your pots
This search always begins in the same place: the client´s internal kitchen. We come and peer into your pots and if necessary give them a stir to see what´s simmering there. As far as we’re concerned, there´s no other way. For a successful dinner, you have to look at the whole picture: from the ingredients, the recipes and the people who prepare the dishes to their presentation, the menu, the service, the setting and the expectations of the guests. The story of the satisfied customer who has already made another reservation even before finishing his pousse-café begins in the internal kitchen. Moreover, in 2012 Guy wrote a book about this approach to business communication ("De interne keuken", published by LannooCampus).