De interne keuken


“Guy, Tom and I share the same vision: a person should be the centre of the organization. The book De Interne Keuken explains how communication can take care of that, in both private and government organizations.”

- Frank Van Massenhove, chairman FOD Social Security, author of the book De collega’s werken thuis (co-author Tom Auwers)

What do our clients say about us?

Before the coaching with Guy, I came across as arrogant and impatient in my communication to colleagues. The personal coaching made my communication run more smoothly. Therefore, people have more confidence in me.

- Raymond, IT-manager

What we appreciated about Sigmund’s method, was the analytical approach to our challenge. The sessions were built up step by step, which helped us to get to a strong concept and a strong message very quickly.

- Christian Leysen, Ahlers

Sigmund isn’t just a communication agency. It is a team of individuals that are all great to work with. They really are a part of the project and they take the effort go in-depth. Thanks to their personal approach and the interaction with our company, you notice that the people at Sigmund aren’t the standard type of consultants. They keep both their feet on the ground and thoroughly consider the situation in the company.

- Ellen Theeuwes, Induss

Sigmund is very specialized in internal communication, that’s clear! They work very solution-oriented and approach their goal without bells and whistles. What made the most impression on me, is their collaborative approach: they guide you through the whole process and appear as facilitators and coaches. Working with Sigmund was a real partnership!

- Martin Vranken, Mobistar

Due to a tremendous growth in our company, we needed a marketing plan in which our internal values were carried out. Sigmund helped us with that. Sigmund built up our brand, took care of the styling of our website and drew up a corporate identity. During the process, I could always turn to Sigmund with all my questions. They always thought along with us to find the best solution for a problem.

- Tom De Baere, Newtec