Happy New Year 2

Happy New Year!

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Header Handen Geel

7 trends in change communication for 2017

Sigmund presents: the 7 most important trends in change communication for 2017. In this way, you get all the trump cards in your hand to make 2017 a special year. 

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Bsh Verrassing Blauw 2

What a chef can do in 52 seconds

Chef Koen surprised his wife with a romantic dinner. His movie (duration: less than a minute) has been watched more than 10.000 times by now. What is the secret?

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Sailor Gets Tattoo Edit

The sailor and the swallow

Guy's new column is about symbols and in which way they create trust.

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Blog Liese

Ex-trainee makes her well-deserved comeback

Monday 19 September: Liese Bols started her second (!) internship at Sigmund. In this blog, you will get to know her a little better.

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Header Social Connection 01

25 years of internet: a strong connection

This week, we celebrate 25 years of internet. The rise of this medium has changed our communication drastically, but we can learn a lot from it too...

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Blog Kleur

Color strategy

What is the point of process communication in an organization?

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Blog Pinguin

Imperial spiral

What is the link between penguins and corporate communication? Guy explains it all in his new column.

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Pyth 01

Howard never has to work again

“What’s new?”
“Not much.”
“Hey, look. Howard’s being eaten.”
“Is he?” The fish move forward to watch a waiter serving a large grilled fish to a large man.
“Makes you think, doesn’t it?”
“I mean… what’s it all about?”
“Beats me. Why are we here, what is life all about? Is life just a game where we make up the rules while we’re searching for something to say or are we just simple spiralling coils of self-replicating DNA? What is life? What is our fate? Is there heaven and hell? Do we reincarnate? Is mankind evolving or is it too late? This is the meaning of life.”

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